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 funny roleplaying

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PostSubject: funny roleplaying   funny roleplaying Icon_minitimeFri Feb 23, 2007 10:56 am

My friend and I just love roleplaying a lot. I roleplayed Loki while he's Narugami. But now, he's into this Nanoha anime so he became Yuuno-kun, LOL. There's Asgard in Loki and Asura in Nanoha so...we did just that...
I doubt that my friend would ever go back to Loki anymore as Nanoha Striker S is coming soon and he will soon be into it and forget all about Loki Crying or Very sad So, I tried to convince him to forget about Loki as it will get in the way of his newly obsessed anime.
So, I'm Loki and he's Yuuno. Narugami went on a vacation to the Asura and came back to Asgard as Yuuno. But Nanoha and Fate doesn't want him to leave Asura. Loki doesn't want a outsider in Asgard too. Yuuno attempts to kidnap Mayura back to Asura but Loki stopped him at once. Nanoha and Fate locked up Narugami's soul and Loki attempts to get it out. He used Laevatein to get it cleansed. When Nanoha and Fate tries to interrupt, Loki used his 'nagging' skills to bore them and chased them back to Asura. But now my friend and I are completing to see who will win if Nanoha and Loki get to battle, mage vs god, who do you think will win? I'm not sure too...
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funny roleplaying
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